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Sound is incredibly powerful. Your favourite song can uplift you instantly, the sound of the ocean can bring you peace. Sound therapy has been used for centuries, dating back to Ancient Greece.

Sound therapy is energy work — everything is energy and everything is vibrating at different frequencies. When there are blocks or stagnation in the body and mind, there is dissonance and a lack of coherence. Sound therapy helps to attune our bodies and our space to a more optimal frequency.

Sound Bath

A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants “bathe” in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls. Soundbaths have been known to improve sleep, aid depression and regenerate cells.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Tibetan singing bowls are sometimes referred to as standing bells. they are also widely used for practices like Buddhist meditation and chanting. Tibetan singing bowls restore the normal vibrational frequency of the body through the wide range of sounds they produce. These unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation and creative thinking.

Crystal Bowls

Crystal Bowls are tuned to the notes of the seven chakras. Chakras are energy centres of the body and each energy centre has unique aspects and corresponds with specific tones f of the musical scale. Keeping these centres in balance results in health and harmony in body and mind. The sound waves produced by the bowls reduce stress and anxiety and provide deep relaxation and meditation, increasing mental and emotional clarity.

Gong Bath

A gong bath or sound bath is a very ancient Asian sound healing technique. It produces an amazing sense of well-being through the vibration of all the water within the body. It is called a “bath” because participants are going to bathe in sound waves. Sounds that are generated during a gong bath produce a wide range of harmonics that create vibrations. These vibrations bring your whole self into harmony which gives spaces for healing.

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