First Time For You and a Friend - 5 Classes for £50

premium space in Kensington & Chelsea

Transform our space into an Art Gallery, a Fashion Space or a Photoshoot Studio

With over 5 years experience, our dedicated team can advise you on organising your exhibition, to create the perfect occasion for a successful and stress-free exhibition!

Healing Labs is available to hire for your solo show, group exhibition or any art event. Our professional staff are here to assist you by offering a unique exhibition experience in the creative art district of Kensington & Chelsea.

The services we advise on:

  • Installation and set-up
  • Email invitation to our mailing list 3000 recipients
  • Opening reception
  • Details of your exhibition on our website
  • Vinyl lettering of your exhibition title and artist name on the front window
  • Pricing advice and sales support

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